Music Land

Hi, I'm Sam Sharples, freelance recording engineer. 

Do you have recordings of your music that you're proud to show your friends, venue owners, and record labels? Or do you ashamedly hit "skip" every time one of your songs comes on because the quality isn't up to your standards?

If you're like I was a few years ago, you would love to have professional studio quality recordings of your music, but you can't justify paying for time at a professional studio. Not only do the big studios have high fees in order to pay all their staff, they have their eyes on celebrity clients, and if you don't have a large following, there's no guarantee that the studio will treat you properly.

If you can relate to the feelings I just described, you're in luck.

I love working personally alongside artists, helping them reach their dreams. From songwriting and beat production to recording and post-production, I do my best to meet clients wherever they are on their musical journey - and help them take the next step toward success.

Send me a message if you want to chat. If we agree that my services would add value to your music, we can progress from there. 

Sam Sharples

Musician. Composer. Producer. AVID Pro Tools Certified Engineer.

Sam's Mission Statement:

To create music of the same quality and marketability as any record on the market, while never compromising the original purpose of music: to bring glory to the Creator and to love other people.